Symptoms Of Scalp Psoriasis


Human body is the most complex machine created ever, full of wonderful phenomenon. Science has been flexible much to found the reasons behind every action, but yet there are several things which are mystery and the research are on to get the roots of them. Earlier, there were several diseases which were unassailable, incurable; it was hands down battle, and no one could win it. But, with the innovation of various new technologies, therapies, and medicines, humans were able to capitalize these diseases.

Nowadays, almost every disease is curable, if diagnosed well on the time. Ayurved has given lot of scope for such diseases, whether small or big. So, today we are going to tell you the symptoms of one very common disease which can be cured easily by Ayurved.

  • Scalp Psoriasis

Psoriasis is as inflammatory disease, which is found in adult as well as in children. It appears red and raises scaly patches, could damage entire scalp if not treated on time. Slowly and slowly it captures forehead, neck and back of the ears.

  • Symptoms

  • The first and foremost sign is that it appears dark red on the head and cause irritation. Often patient could not identify it or seems to ignore. It can be risky for the scalp and could damage it hard.

  • Small bumps are visible on the head or say papule. Actually, this is very seasonal disease, occur to almost everyone and this is the main reason why people generally tend to not take this visible small papule or bump seriously. Further, it gets spread and causes pain.

  • Silvery scales are formed on the head especially in children due to papules coalesce.

  • As soon as these scales shed, you could see dandruffs getting in bulk on your head and shoulder. There are various reasons behind the formation of dandruffs, so don’t just use anti-dandruff shampoos in psoriasis, get to see yourself to the nearest doctor.

  • The skin on the head gets dry and cracked which could lead to bleeding some time which is very painful to bear. This is not very common with every patient but in some cases.

  • Itching, soreness and burning are found in almost every patient.

  • In this disease nails and joints are also effected other than scalps. Thickened and rigged nails could be visible. Also, joints get swollen and stiffness is caused.

  • The last symptom is hair loss. There could be heavy hair loss almost every time you touch the hair with hand or comb.

Ayurved treatment is the best suggested one to cure this disease. It could help you to get over it very early and without any side effect.

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