Six Tips to Make Sure Your Child Grows into a Healthy Adolescent


Waking child in the morning:

The first tip is that the child should be made to get up in the morning as early as possible. In case the parents can’t afford the services of a house maid or the female butler, the mother should take the responsibility to wake up her child. This can create a problem where the mothers themselves feel drowsy and groggy. The only alternative then is for the child to discipline themselves and try to wake up early in the morning.

Fit as a fiddle:

In case the child can’t go on his own for a walk in the morning. So he should exercise either within the precincts of the house or learn a game which he can play independently. The idea is to keep him active and dynamic.

Use of punch bag:

The best option available for the child is to use boxing gloves and strike the punch bag. The punch bag should be set on the ground within the reach of the child. This will give him the chance to exercise as rigorously as possible.

Oxygen in the park:

If the child is grown up he should go out for a walk or a jogging exercise. The parents should buy him a pair of joggers to facilitate his running or walking. If possible the child should go to a park where flowers are blooming and he should enjoy himself with the perfume of the flowers. In case the flowers are not blossoming, the child should inhale oxygen in the fresh morning air which is available in plenteous doses. This way he can refresh himself and remain active throughout the day. When he goes to school, he doesn’t feel lazy and he listens to the lectures of the teachers as attentively as the tilt of the satellite dish tuning in for maximum reception. In this way the child has total availability of the self at his disposal and possibly if a lecture received in this frame of mind, the student never forgets and it remains in his mind as fresh as the first light of the sun in the morning.

Fresh water bath:

The fifth tip is that the child should have a fresh water bath. This will make him very fresh and vigorous.


The sixth tip is that the child should tie up with the child of a neighbor and when they are together in the morning they should go out cycling. They should have one bicycle. Each child should paddle it in his turn while the other child is sitting either at the handle or at the back seat carrier. This practice should be repeated by the other child. In this way, the first child will have the same opportunity to sit at the handle or at the back seat carrier. So when they finish both of them are perspiring. Through this perspiration, all their stale energy disappears and dissolves into the morning landscape.

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