Why Responsible Teens Need Monitoring Too


You have a model teen living in the house with you, who have never done anything wrong. He or she wakes up for school on time, gets good grades, does not drink or do drugs or even show no remove signs of rebellious behaviour. They are friendly with kids and their peers and are polite to a fault. They never argue with their parents i.e. you and always do whatever you ask of them. They are and have always been on the honour roll as long as you can remember and look after their siblings when you are not able to look after them, or you are unavailable. They help the elderly and are kind to everyone – their peers, friends, neighbours and even pets.

While such angelic responsible teens are quite hard to find, that does not at all means that they do not at all means that they do not exist. And teen with even half of the qualities above can be classified as a responsible teen. A teen that has a good head on his or her shoulder that knows what is right and wrong and is sure of all that they want to do in life.

Where Responsible Teens Need To Be Monitored

Although such teens know what is best for them, it does not always mean that the people around them will be willing to extend the same sort of gesture towards them or treat them the way they treat everyone they meet or spend their time with on a daily basis. A few of such things that will make any parent go on high alert and look out of these teens include;

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is the one problem that by almost every teen in the world. While some teens succumb to the pressure and start doing the things they have been pressured by their peers into doing, not all teens are alike. There might be some that would stand their ground and refuse to do the things they are being told not to do under any circumstances. Still, parents should monitor such teens to ensure that they stay the way they always have been doing not stray from their path.

Substance and Alcohol Abuse

Teens have a tendency to do everything that they are specifically asked not to do at such a young and tender age, and this includes underage drinking, smoking or using drugs. While most teens refrain from using such things under any circumstances, there is a very good chance if your teen’s friend or someone close do them have developed a habit of drug and alcohol abuse, they could very well force your child into developing one as well. It is because of such things that a responsible parent should monitor their teens, no matter how responsible they may be to ensure that if they do not have a substance problem, they do not develop one as well under any circumstances.


Did you know that more than not the victims of the bullies or cyber bullies are usually the people that they feel threatened of in one way or another? Such people feel inferior to their victims in some way which is why they do everything in their power to make them feel low and lose faith in themselves. While even the most perfect teens can suffer from all such problems, even if they show resilience against their bullies and tend to show that they will hold their ground no matter what, there is a very good chance that this relentless bullying both at school, to their faces and with twice as much intensity at their homes can take a huge toll on them and their psyche. In situations such as this one, a teen can be moved or forced to do things that they would not usually do, and parents should be on their guard against such behaviour.

The Bottom Line

As stated and also proven, even responsible teens need someone to fall back on. While friends are some of the best buffers these teens might have, that does not always mean that they could replace parents or take their place as the person who cares about themwell-being the most. With that being said, parents should either physically monitor their teens or use spy apps or parental monitoring applications to do it for them. Still, whatever means they use, it is very important that they use it to look out for their teen, no matter what they have to do before it is too late.

Aline Carrara is blogger and writer at TheOneSpy Blog. She love to share her inside with her readers through her write-ups. She is against cybercrimes and a strong member of stop cyberbullying campaign. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @alinecarrara7

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