How To Mix Parenting With Fitness


The thought of adding one more thing—especially exercise—to your plate most likely seems like directions to the closest psychotherapists. But, there’s no need to head to the snack pantry and grab some donuts and stress eat at the thought of managing a workout routine. While the idea of parents that exercise may seem foreign to you, having kids doesn’t mean you just have to give up on fitness. Even as a parent, it’s possible to sculpt those buns and abs into stellar shape. It just takes a little more effort and dedication than usual.

Finding any time at all to work out as a parent is a wonder, and finding the time to commit to a full-blown fitness routine is the Holy Grail.  But it’s absolutely possible to meet the needs of your children and meet the fitness needs of your body. It’s all a matter of time management, schedules, and commitment.

Here, we’ll give you tips on how to work out while you’re a parent and why all that hard work you’re putting in will pay off.

Go to the Right Gym

It’s important to get in a big workout at least every other day. You need that solid workout full of heavy lifting and lots of sweating every day to see results. So find a gym that offers child care.  There are plenty of gyms that offer this service—even if the idea of switching gyms is unsettling. The fact of the matter is bodybuilding takes work.  So, even if you love your current gym, your membership is no good if you can’t go.  Find one that offers help with kids, and join.  You will learn to like it when your body is sculpted.

Take the Kids on Walks

Walks are something every child can handle, and it’s as good for them as it is for you. Take them out on walks with you whenever the weather permits.

Run the Stairs

You need to take advantage of every opportunity when you’re on a tight schedule. It just so happens that running stairs is one of the best workouts out there, so when the opportunity presents itself, snatch it up!

Use Every Free Moment you Can Find to Slip in Some Cardio

Every spare minute you can get is a blessing when you’ve got a family. Don’t let these chances for a quick cardio workout slip by. Do what you can on the treadmill, or if you don’t have one, get that heart rate up using other methods such as: reverse lunges, squats, planks, mountain climbs.  Find a list of quick and easy cardio workouts and keep in handy.  Sneak them in whenever you can.

Include the Kids

Kids seem to have unlimited energy when their young, and they can keep you on your feet and out of breath when you’re playing outside with them. One of the very best workouts is to head outside and play a game of tag with the young’uns. It’s lots of fun for both you and the kidlets, and you’ll burn plenty of calories.

Even if it’s pretend, it’s great to include your children in your workout. Give the little toy dumbbells, or have them do play work-outs. It’ll make them happy, and could be a lot more fun for you.

Long Term Focus

Staying fit feels great. Your brain wants you to care for your body, and when you exercise you’ll get endorphin rushes that feel really, really good. You’ll be happier and in a much better mood when you treat your body the way it’s meant to be treated.

Keep in mind, bodybuilding can be extremely hard in the beginning, even when you aren’t dealing with the needs of kids that you need to feed, clothed, and bathed. You can combat this with the right Blackstone lab supplement.


No matter how you put it, working out as a parent takes serious commitment and discipline. But it is possible. If you really do want that great model body, then you just have to suck it up and put in the effort like everyone else. Do your best, snatch those opportunities for activity, commit yourself to your routine, and keep your mind on your goal.  It’ll all be worth it in the end. And do you know what the best part about being a fit parent is? You’ll be serving as an AWESOME role model for the kids!

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