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car donation charities New YorkDonate your car to charity to do away with your old undesired car. Find the best charity in and around New York and submit your car to assist the underprivileged.

Selling a car or doing away with an unwanted vehicle is not an easy task. If you want to sell, you need to keep the car in running condition. Moreover, you have to deal with the customer and convince them about the condition. The price of fixing a car is not always well worth the small amount of gain. Dealer trade-ins are not always a sound option either. The entire process involves a number of intricate steps. On the other hand, you can enjoy the greatest benefit in the form of tax deduction write-off by donating your car to charity. This is not just a noble gesture but also a unique way to get rid of your old and undesired car sitting in the driveway or garage.

Donation Process:

Check Out the Status:

The first thing you need check is the charitable organization you are going to choose to donate your car to. Be certain if that particular charity is an IRS-approved 501 © (3) organization. Otherwise, your deduction may be disqualified.

If Listed in IRS Publication 78:

Most of the authorized charities are generally listed in IRS Publication 78. Visit the IRS site to check if the charity is listed in IRS publication. Some non-profit organizations such as church, synagogue, mosque or temple qualify for the car donation even though they might not be listed in the IRS publication.

How Much Goes to the Charity:

The next thing to consider is how much donation goes to the charity. According to a survey by Government Accountability Office, as low as 5 percent of contribution goes to charity organized by non-profit organizations. So, ask the charity development office how much of the donation they will receive.

Keep all Particulars about the Donation:

To secure the deduction, don’t forget to keep the name and address of the charity, the date of donation, venue of donation, a description of the vehicle, and a written acknowledgment from your charitable organization. These particulars may be required at the time of claiming tax benefit.

Keep a Duplicate of the Title Transfer:

Be sure to keep a duplicate of the title transfer. Report the actual transfer in your state motor vehicle department. Don’t forget to cancel your car insurance. Take the license plates off unless state law claims otherwise.

Simply follow the instructions and make sure that your vehicle donation will qualify you to have a sizable fair market value tax deduction in your next tax return. The recognized charity will have a great knowledge of the tax regulations and understand how to manage automobile donation to get your the greatest tax benefit.

By automobile donation, your rickety undesired old car is going to be transformed into cash which will be used to improve the lifestyle of the community. At the same time, your valuable storage space in the junkyard will be saved. Moreover, you don’t have to bear the expenses for the servicing and maintenance. Car donation is arguably the simplest way to do away with an old unwanted car. The method is pretty simple, and totally hassle-free for you as you don’t have to wait or spend energy and time in searching for your prospective buyer. All these saving are no less worthy as money.

However, the biggest benefit will be in the form of tax benefits through the car donation charities New York. Remember, by donating your car you don’t get money in cash. Yet, it won’t be too much to expect something in return. By donating your car, you can secure a certain amount in the form of tax write-offs. The concept of benefits seems to attract more and more people to donate their car to the charity which they usually would sell off or trade in. The car donors will be allowed to make a claim of tax deduction up to the fair market value of the particular vehicle in question. However, if your old car gets good price in the market, you can easily claim tax benefits calculated of the total value of the automobile. This specific cash benefit will be basically acquired in the form of tax break.

Before choosing the car donation company, be sure to check the tax exemption status of the charity. Ask them about the tax benefit and other details. If the charity refuses to specify anything about the tax exemption, simply discard them from the consideration list.

The right charity is a phone call away. The company arranges for your car to be towed away once the car donation is confirmed. Don’t worry about transporting to the desired location. The vehicle donation New York charity will do it for you. They will send their representatives to pick up the car. All you have to do is to sign a release paper. Even if the car is not in proper working condition, you can be assured that it will be utilized in the right manner.

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