Know If Fat Transfer Can Be Done For Lips?


Fat can be effectively transferred into the vermillion fringe, upper and lower lip and furthermore into the inconspicuous abnormalities that encompass the pink lips themselves, for example, doll folds, wrinkles and the vertical wrinkles known as “smokers lines”.

Strategy Notes For Fat Transfer

Autologous Fat Transfer, Fat join, Fat Injections
THE GOAL: To smooth (by filling wrinkles) or form (by expanding volume ) in tissues where fat has moved or reduced, consequently reestablishing a solid, energetic look.

With injectable fillers, we have various distinctive options for ‘lifting’ wrinkles and including volume. Territories for growth incorporate lips, face, hands and somewhere else on the body and additionally scar update. Fillers fall into two classifications; lasting and impermanent.

Fat transfer – Injecting the patient’s own fat which has been collected by means of low-weight liposuction. Since the fat is the patient’s own tissue, there is no definitely no tissue response and, as a rule, it is more prudent over the long haul. Notwithstanding the fill, fat has the additional advantage of giving an enhanced skin appearance in view of the rich wellspring of undifferentiated organisms it contains.

For any given technique, anything from 20% to 80% of the fat expansion will ‘take’ and end up lasting. Periodically, rehashed fat infusions from 6 to a year separated might be required convey ideal outcomes after some time. Autologous fat (taken from your own particular body) is presently my favored substance to for all time add volume to the face and body. It is delicate, characteristic and totally protected. Notwithstanding, fat transfer includes a short method instead of a basic infusion and there is related swelling for various weeks postoperatively. This is the cost of permanency.

ArteFill – Unlike its prior ancestor Artecoll, is a manufactured lasting filler that produces to a great degree common and delicate outcomes. Dr Haworth has had more than three long stretches of top notch involvement with this injectable with no untoward outcomes. This might be an alluring option for those wishing to accomplish facial volume growth yet can’t bear the cost of the underlying time and cost required with fat transfer. Fat will at last turn out to be the most monetarily feasible choice over the long haul and in addition give unobtrusive adjuvant advantages, for example, change in both skin surface and appearance.

Polyacrylamide gels (PAG) – Such as Bio-Alcamid and Aquamid speak to the most recent in perpetual filler innovation and, regardless of the way that they are accessible in Europe and past, are not yet FDA affirmed for US use. PAG’s have unmistakable focal points over other at present accessible fillers. They create exceptionally characteristic outcomes, as well as are perpetual, sheltered and removable.

Polyvinyl liquor based gels – Provide another option for lip voluming. These are enduring and, once more, create characteristic outcomes. Notwithstanding, they are not yet accessible in the US and their wellbeing has not yet been demonstrated.

Transitory FILLERS
Among the transitory fillers are a baffling cluster of exceptionally promoted fillers available, essentially of the Hyaluronic corrosive assortment:

Collagen-based items – Last somewhere in the range of a month and a half to 3 months. They deliver decent outcomes, yet they have been basically supplanted by the Hyaluronic corrosive subordinates (HAD), which are sugars normally found in the body. This is on account of HAD’s last more.


Hyaluronic corrosive subsidiaries (HAD) last anyplace between 3-8 months . At first, they were more excruciating to infuse than collagen, however new items, for example, Juvederm XC will help handle that issue since it is one of the first HAD to come premixed with a desensitizing specialist. Other HAD’s accessible in the US which come premixed with a desensitizing specialist incorporate Restylane, Captique and Hyalform.

Similarly as with all plastic surgeries, it is basic to have reasonable desires in the matter of what fat transfer in Dubai can accomplish and what it can’t. Amid your counsel, make inquiries your plastic specialist should fill you in with respect to fat.

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