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The shimmering wedding days have to be made exceptional with the right wedding apparel for the bride. She becomes the dazzling star of the marriage. And classic garments essentially native to India—and its neighboring countries—such as the saree, never goes out of fashion.

Myriads of traditional Indian sarees add a charm to the wedding delight, and now one has the luxury to choose bridal sarees online, from the comforts of their home.

Rich Heritage of Sarees

Traditional Indian wedding sarees measure between 4.5 to 9 meters in length. The Indian wedding saree, being the queen of the textile industry, has passed the test of time and has become an exquisite ornament through which one can add elegance to their overall look.

There are exclusive wedding sarees for brides available in a variety of fabrics, from lace to silk. Among these, the silk sarees are the most adored. Manufacturers breed silkworms, draw threads out of their cocoons and dye them to produce sarees.

The current or the latest wedding sarees collection inculcates the traditional clothing with new designs, stone, and thread work supplemented by embroidery. This work takes proficiency, time, and patience to produce the beautiful sarees that one can buy from online collections and stores.

A Plethora Of Sarees

Each state in India has its signature saree, often named after the places they are handwoven or produced in, to present to the world. For instance, Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram district makes the famous Kanjeevaram silk sarees, known for their sheen and golden heirloom work.

When worn, they never fail to deliver a regal touch, no matter what the occasion is. Kasavu saree from Kerala is another of India’s revered beauties. It comes in white and ivory colors with golden borders and embellishments.

Now, the convention-breaking modern version of sarees brings forth lace or net sarees. These models of new sarees mainly employ white-colored lace, depicting the purity and the auspicious nature of the wedding ceremony.

They have gained popularity in Christian weddings as an alternative to gowns. Their translucent nature and delicate lacework impart a heavenly angelic touch to the bride.

Coming back to the traditional ones, the Baluchari silk sarees from West Bengal, comes in different hues. Just like the sweet tooth satisfaction promised by the Bengali sweets, weavers design these sarees with precision sprinkled with scenes from the Indian mythology – a perfect treat for the eyes. Like the Kanjeevaram sarees, these are the preference of royals in Bengal. And unlike Kanjeevaram, these are to be worn differently along with the right makeup to get a Durga puja austerity.

Bomkai silk sarees from Orissa are also called Sonepuri sarees. These are draped differently with the pallu falling over the shoulder upfront. The fabric harbors multicolored patches of designs, block-filled colors, along with the outlining, highlighted thin borderings. The Banarasi Saree, as the title suggests, comes from the titular town in Uttar Pradesh. In North India, these are the dream apparel for every bride.

Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow, offers Chikankari suits, and artisans have expanded these designs with excellent results. The Chikankari saree with colored, well-cut glazed stones, gold, silver, and other colored threads of choice renders them a Nawabi passion.

Going to the arm of India, the North East, the Assam silk or Muga silk saree is woven after gathering and harnessing the silk yarn from the silkworm. Dharmavaram and Gadwal silk sarees that originate from Andhra Pradesh dominate the native woman’s wardrobe.

It is common to see Tollywood actresses wearing these for shoots too. This way, even the commoner can relate to these silk wonders. The silk sarees mentioned above do tilt towards the expensive side but are worth buying for weddings and special occasions.

The artificial silk sarees here solve the problem. Even though the fabric only mimics silk, they are more affordable than the original ones. The collection of bridal sarees online has both the traditional silk and artificial sarees, giving new brides an exciting range of sarees to choose from for their special day.

From Rajasthan, the Gota Patti sarees mesmerize the customers with the traditional designs, which the craft of Rajasthan has to offer. The lehenga saree fuses the lehenga or the skirt, with the draping option of a half saree.

Similar to the lehenga saree, the Panetar saree which hails from Gujarat comes in three pieces; the lehenga, blouse, and choli or pallu. The flow and spread of the lehenga, with the touch of saree delivered by the choli, makes them a true hybrid, winning hearts.


Each day, the wedding sarees’ new models are up for sale online and get sold in an instant! These garments harbor love, hard work, and happiness.

The craftsmen, weavers, heirloom handlers, sellers, and the customers all make an optimistic energy loop of exchanging these incredible yards of cloth. With delight and ease of shopping online, a bride can buy her dream saree with a simple click!

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