IELTS Speaking Module Format Insights and Its Benefits


Intro to IELTS Speaking Test

The IELTS speaking test might be a little bit scary at first because you’ll be examined live directly in presence of your examiner. Due to fear of judging by the examiner, answers to the simple question seems difficult to speak at that time. Today we are here to guide students with the correct format for the speaking module so that they can be familiar when taking the test.

Speaking module Format/Pattern

The duration of the speaking module is about 11-15 minutes and it is attributed to 3 basic tasks. Students are first greeted by the examiner to make them feel comfortable. So we have considered the greeting part as a separate section.

  • Greeting section

  • Speaking Part 1

  • Speaking Part 2

  • Speaking Part 3

Let’s start discussing each module in-depth.

1. Greeting section:

When a student takes the IELTS speaking test and enters the examination hall, the examiner never starts by putting difficult questions, rather, they begin unhurriedly with a small greeting. Just heed, you will be assessed on your way to the response to the greeting, so make sure to be prepared for it. Having said that, let’s take a quick look at a simple greeting and answer.

In the beginning, the examiner introduces himself and asks for your name. Sometimes you may be asked for the name the examiner can call you.

After a small casual greeting, the examiner asks you to show your identification for verification purposes and then the test begins.

2. Speaking Part 1

IELTS Speaking part 1-time limit is around 4-5 minutes, which involves roughly 8-10 general questions, and around 2-3 regular IELTS speaking topics like your employment, education, family-friends, homeland, housing, upbringing, etc. These matters are easy-peasy to answer than the IELTS speaking part 2 topics.

These questions might be frightening for some beginners. But don’t need to worry as small practice can make anyone perfect to answer for this part. If a student enrolls in the best IELTS institute in India, he always gets a perfect guide to get trained so that he can answer these simple questions quickly and efficiently. Self-practice also benefits students to get prepared well. So don’t be shy and let everyone in your family also engage in practicing these simple questions.

3. Speaking Part 2

In this part, a student is provided with a topic to speak on. A cue card having a written topic on which the student needs to speak is given to the student. After that you get one minute to prepare for the topic and once the time is over two minutes are given to speak on the topic. A pen and paper are also provided to write the main points of the topic.

Once speaking time is over it might be the chance, the examiner ends up the session by asking you a few straightforward questions related to the topic. It is called a “round-off” session to complete the conversation. These straightforward questions don’t need you to ponder before answering them. Simple answers are good enough to satisfy the examiner. Then examiner gets ready to move to part 3.

Most of the time, once the speaking time of the student is over, the examiner directly moves to part 3 without doing any round-off session. No need to worry about it as this can be the case when the examiner finds part 2 sessions long enough to move ahead.

4. Speaking Part 3

Part 3 involves 5-7 questions asked by the examiner which are based on the topic covered in part 2. It is a two-way communication/discussion in which the examiner asks you questions depending on your answers. So it is all-important to answer every question mindfully so that you can move ahead confidently without a single doubt.

This was all about the speaking module pattern. Hope you will be now well-familiar with the design of the speaking test. Students who want to join the speaking module course Western Overseas presenting them the exclusive courses online as well offline. Do an inquiry online or visit their best IELTS institute in Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ambala, Jalandhar, Patiala, Kurukshetra, Karnal, and Sonipat to get complete details. We are premier IELTS coaching VISA counseling providers serving people with quality education and having a legacy of 18 brilliant years. Become part of our huge organization and shape your career in the right way to be in the right direction.

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