How to Support Students With Special Educational Needs?

Special Educational

Every single individual has the right to education. The teacher will take care of every child equally. But there are some children’s who need special attention and special care while teaching. Special educational needs mean there are some learners with the learning disability, physical disabilities, communication disorders and some disabilities which we can’t find in normal children. So a teacher must give special care for such students. Their will certain child who is not able to achieve what the other students easily achieves. So maybe they will not be able to identify the problematic area. So it is the responsibilities of the teacher to identify such students and give them special attention and adopt new techniques in their teaching style. Such students need to be taught differently because they will not be able to catch the speed in normal class or they will not be able to understand the ideas expressed in the classroom.

If they are mixed up in the normal class they will feel suffocated and will find them self-different and will affect them negatively which is not good for them. Always give suggestions for such students. They will need basic suggestions like organizing heir books, looking at a particular topic search for the certain page number in every manner they will be slow and teacher must be there to guide them. Never make them feel that they are different from other normal students. So a teacher plays an important role in such student’s life. Disabled students are not those who are not capable of learning they are just needed some guidance and instructions when compared to other students.

Present every idea by using technological devices

As the students are not able to understand the complete idea, for that teacher must try their best to give them a concrete idea which they can see and touch rather than the abstract ideas. By presenting the idea with the help of computers or other audiovisual aids it will make them more attentive and attractive towards the learning process. As special students don’t have much concentration power so by using such innovative methods teachers will be able to make them focused. The teacher must be able to give them opportunities so it is possible if the teacher uses new innovative techniques in teaching.

Boost their confidence and praise them individually

As the special needs students have lower confidence because they themselves realize that they are not able to understand the smallest ideas? So it is the duty of the teacher as well as parents to encourage their special skills and their works. If they have done any work in the class gave them immediate feedback related to it. Maximum try to give the positive comments on them it will help to boost their confidence. Let them know that their work is accepted by the teacher and it is good. Then only they will try to change that good to best. If the teacher negatively comments on it will surely break their confidence and next time they will not even try to attempt it. So, parents and teachers always try to encourage their smallest work. They usually love to hear praise from everyone but they need it independently. It will make them happy and satisfied.

Be patient with them

As the special need students have a low tolerance level and high frustration level? So teachers must be very patient while dealing with them. Because they get upset easily and quickly so it is a kind of challenge for the teachers to handle such students. But we must understand that they are not behaving like that intentionally they are to be blamed for such behavior. Because they are doing it naturally and they have no control over on their emotions so we must control our emotions and frustrations. Then only we will be able to bring best in them.

Plan curriculum according to their abilities

Teachers must plan their ideas and curriculum according to the student’s ability. If teacher planes some difficult activities and the students will not be able to perform then it will affect them negatively. Always try to motivate such students then only they will involve in any activities. And if they perform well award them give them any small reward it will make them confident and if they did any mistake correct that error too. So while planning any curriculum teachers must keep in their mind that how it will affect the student’s mind and for which type of student they are planning the curriculum.

These are some tips through which we can be able to handle the special need students. As we know education is for everyone. No one is restricted to get an education. A special student needs special care and special planning to make them active and concentrated. As the students have low confidence level low tolerance level and high frustration level so the teacher must be mentally ready to handle such students. Parents also play an important role in their developments never discourage their skills and ability. As we know such special children have special talents. Disabilities are one part but another is that they are blessed with special talent so teacher and parents must fin fir and encourage it so that they will be able to gain confidence and do something in their life.


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