How to Remove Mold From My Basement?


Poorly ventilated basement rooms and a lack of waterproofing are considered the main causes of mold or mildew. To get rid of them you must call the Mold Removal in New Haven, CT experts. This kind of basement mold removal process is not at all easy because there are several important aspects which are need to be taken care off. To get rid of them, the basement must be first washed with mold disinfect solution, eliminate mold fungus and then take care of normal ventilation and waterproofing. Mold and fungi like to settle in damp basements with poor ventilation.

Basement preparation for disinfection

The musty smells in a house are produced as a result of mold. The spores that generate mold are found in the air, but these require certain conditions to grow like fungi. These conditions include a combination of humidity, warm temperatures, and lack of fresh air and food sources. The most common areas of the house where mold can accumulate are basements, narrow spaces, and even closets. In addition to generating an unpleasant smell, mold can damage various materials. Fortunately, it is not difficult to eliminate bad smell and mold from basements.
In spring or early summer, when the maximum basement is free of products, you can start the work by evacuating the other products which has been left in the basement. Clean the wall with metal scrapper. This work must be done in places of fungus or mold occurrence. If possible, disassemble the shelves, and put dry and disinfectant treatment composition. If they cannot be disassembled, try using spray system. If possible, bring the furniture outside of the house and let it consume open it and direct sunlight. If floors are in the digging basement, remove the top layer of fungus and mold by using metal scrapper before disinfection of the room begins.

Necessary steps to be taken during the operation

Open the basement windows and exterior doors during a hot day. Place a pair of portable fans in the door area, some facing inward to refresh the environment and others facing outward to keep moisture away. Place a dehumidifier that is on day and night in the basement, with the windows and doors closed. Check the machine and empty it frequently when it is full. Place silica gel bottles throughout the environment, as this substance absorbs moisture from the air.

Remove items that are in the basement and clean them. Place them outdoors, under the sun’s rays. Remove mold gently with a brush. Wash non-paper objects with a soft sponge and a foamy solution, with detergent and water. Rinse them well with clean water and let them dry in the sun. To clean the deep mold spots, mix two tablespoons of bleach with a quarter of warm water. Apply the solution with a sponge on the stain or dip the object. Clean the basement floor to eliminate moisture odors. Sprinkle a very thin layer of lime on the ground. When the musty smell disappears, sweep the lime. To clean carpets, remove mold with a special carpet machine. You can consult with expert for mold removal in new haven, CT.

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