How to Apply for Skilled Visa Subclass 190


Do you want to select skilled Visa subclass 190 while applying for an Australian PR? Here is all you need to know about it before you actually move to an immigration agent Adelaide:

What is skilled Visa subclass 190?

The Australian Government provides Visa for permanent residency in various categories, and skilled nominated visa subclass 190 is one of them. If you get it, you will have the right to live, travel and work in the country for a specific period of time. Those who have occupations on SOI, which is the list of skilled occupations, might be eligible for 190 skilled Visa. If you are planning to apply for the same, you will have to pass a skill test, and then a state or a territory government may nominate you.

Advantages of skilled nominated visa subclass 190

Having a 190 visa Australia provides the holder with an array of benefits. Here they are, you can have a look to them as well:

  • -You will get an opportunity to pursue any study program in Australia.
  • -You can live, work and travel anywhere in the country where the normal citizens can live.
  • -You can even sponsor your relatives for PR in Australia.
  • -You will have to right to the subsidies to health care, and you can get enrolled in Medicare.
  • -You can go out of the boundaries as you please and enter the country as per your choice as well.

How can you apply for skilled Nominated visa subclass 190?

Here is a guide which will let you know how you can apply for visa subclass 190. All the steps are mentioned below in a detailed manner; you can just go through it so that all your initial doubts can get clear. Once you are done and still have confusions, you can consult a reliable migration agent Adelaide.

1. Check out whether your occupation is there on the SOI (Skilled Occupation Lists).

2. Go through all eligibility criteria, give a thorough read and see whether you meet them or not. It is essential to meet the below-listed requirements when you are about to apply for skilled nominated visa subclass 190 :

  • -Your age is below 50
  • -You have a good character certificate
  • -Proficiency in English skills
  • -You are medically fit
  • -You are ready to sign the Australian Value Statement
  • -You do not have any debts to the Australian government which is outstanding

3. Adhere to the assessment of skills

If you are an applicant, it is necessary to complete skills assessment and get a decent score to gain eligibility for skilled nominated visa subclass 190. The score should match your letter of invitation.

5. Submit an EOI via SkillSelect

Once you complete Skill assessment, you will have to submit EOI (Expression of Interest) by using SkillSelect. In this process, you will have to answer an array of questions regarding your skills, work history and background.

6. Get a nomination

It is important to get a nomination by a territory or a state government. After the submission of expression of interest, the authorities will review it with the intention of pointing out prospective workers with the same skill set. If you are nominated, you will get a letter of invitation.

7. Apply for Visa

After getting nominated, you must apply for skilled nominated 190 visa Australia subclass via DHA. Make sure to attach all the required documents.

8. Receive the visa

After applying you will have to wait for a specific time period. Once it gets approval, the authorities will send your Visa, and you can begin working in the country.

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