How Can You Identify Cancer at an Early Stage?

Skin Cancer

According to reports, around 780,000 people die every year in India due to cancer. But 80% of them are curable if detected at an early stage. Thus, it is important to consider the little changes our body shows.

Neglecting the signs may cause it to develop to an incurable stage.

Cancer is the abnormal and rapid growth of cells in our body. The normal control mechanism of our body stops working resulting in the unusual growth of cells. Early detection and diagnosis of this disease effectively reduces the mortality rate says doctors from the best cancer hospital in Delhi

Here are few signs your body is showing that might lead to cancer

● Changes in bowel habits :

Our bowel habits say a lot about our health. Trouble or pain while urinating , black or red blood in stool or urine may be due to prostate, bladder or colon cancer.  Persistent diarrhea or constipation, tarry black stools and frequent urination are also some of the signs that shouldn’t be ignored.

● Bloating:

Though it is very common for everybody,  bloating which lasts for more than 2 weeks can be a symptom of ovarian or other gastrointestinal cancers.

● Skin changes:

The sudden shift in moles or birthmarks can be a symptom of skin cancer. Asymmetric moles, blurred or moles with uneven edges, growing or bleeding moles are few indications. Other possible signs of skin cancer are bleeding or scaly lumps and sores that won’t heal.

● Weight fluctuations:

Sudden weight gain or weight loss for no particular reason or without your efforts should not be ignored. Loss of appetite is also a sign of cancer.

● Changes in the oral cavity:

Presence of white or red patches and painful sores on the tongue or anywhere in the mouth may be due to cancer. Bleeding, painful or numb lips or other parts of mouth indicates various mouth cancers. Drinkers and smokers should never ignore such signs .

● Neurological problems:

Headaches lasting for more than 2 weeks and are not affected by regular medication may be a sign of brain tumour. Sudden vision or hearing changes and drooping of the face may be due to various cancers. These simple signs should not be ignored.

● Difficulties while eating:

Difficulty in swallowing food or indigestion lasting for more than 2 weeks may be a symptom of cancer. Persistent stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting for 2 weeks or more might be a warning of stomach, throat or lung cancer.

● Fatigue:

Sudden, severe and lasting tiredness might be a sign of leukemia. This type of  energy loss remains unaffected how much ever you sleep or consume supplements. It is advised to visit a doctor if such tiredness lasts longer than 2 weeks.

● Symptoms on the Breast:

The formation of lumps or dimples on the breasts or underarms is possibly due to breast cancer. Discoloration, nipple changes and unusual discharges is also a symptom of the same. Though it usually occurs in females, it can attack males too.

● Post menopause bleeding:

Though this is quite common it shouldn’t be neglected. There might be many other reasons for post menopause bleeding, but the frequent occurrence might be due to cervical or uterine cancer.

● Abnormal periods:

This is very common in young women. There might be many reasons for irregular periods. But persistent severe pains and sudden changes in your menstrual cycle might be symptoms of cervical, ovarian or uterine cancer. Sudden and constant changes in periods should not be ignored.

● Cough:

Cough can occur due to various reasons like cold, environmental changes, allergies, etc. Cough lasting for more than two weeks, especially dry cough should be considered as a serious complication. Chronic cough might be a symptom of lung cancer.

● Bruises:

Bruises on skin formed due to various accidents are very normal. But sudden appearance of bruises on various parts of the body without any known reason is a warning sign. These may be reflections of various types of blood cancers.

● Frequent sickness:

Getting fevers and infections over and over again indicates a weak immune system. Also frequent sickness may be due to leukemia. The person with such conditions is advised to undergo cancer tests too rather than just treating the fever or infection.

These are some of the notable symptoms of various cancers. It is advised not to ignore these signs and consult a specialist especially from the best cancer hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities of India. Any sudden and unusual changes in the body shouldn’t be ignored. Treating any disease at an early stage has better scope of successful results.


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