Why Houseboat Experience Is Necessary In Kashmir


What can you expect more, when you are said to live in the laps of divine beauty of nature, which is designed by the hands of the saviour himself, this is the place which we fondly known as ‘Paradise of Earth’, our own Kashmir. As soon as we hear Kashmir, we think of an image of, snow capped mountains, deep down valleys, sparkling beauty of Dal Lake, fringed of the wooden ‘Shikara’ and multi houseboats. This sight is something beyond description, and as gracious as handful of diamond. Kashmiri houseboats have their own aesthetics, which is unique. But, had you ever thought of spending a day on a ‘Shikara’. So, I tell you why you must do.

A Never Before Experience

Living in a houseboat is not something which is very new or never done before or rare but, this gain major popularity after the concept of floating hotel introduced. It is such an amazing experience, where you or not on land, but on piece of wood floating in running water.

This would actually be a great idea to grab eyeballs and attention by others.

Feel Closer to Nature

The landscape beauty of picturesque sights which is ubiquitous in every direction, gives you mourning and very peaceful feeling. Once you enter in houseboat, you will be free from the running busting sounds of city life. The only sound would be of running water and chirping birds. This experience is much more appealing in terms of your health benefits.

Make Your Occasion More Special

Feel Closer to Nature

We have many occasions in life, which need to be celebrated are very special, whether it is birthday, anniversaries or for newbie honeymoon. Celebrating it on a well-designed, carved, architecture would be a unique and never before experience. The setup inside a houseboat and its interior decoration will compliment every moment you spend there.


This is much better experience than you ever had in big hotels. Once you enter in houseboat, you are no longer a guest; you are a family member. Every staff in the houseboat will serve you as their own member. Moreover, you can enjoy every specific and necessary appliance which you are in habit to use in your home, such as T.V, Fridge and other. Also, the food, Kashmiri food is going to make your stomach satiated, you can enjoy fresh food as part of your stay and also can make it by yourself.

Cheap and Affordable

If you think that living in a houseboat is cuisine of rich who are ready and very much capable to spend lot for this experience than you are somehow wrong. There are houseboats which are cheap and affordable with each and every facility you need.

The time for vacation is on the verge. Despite spending too much on any foreign tour, just grab a Kashmir tour packages and witness a very different world.

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