Hair Dye Hacks You Need To Know About


Everyone wants to dye hairs and most of the people have done it but there are only few people not regretting the hair color. There are few tips which you should always follow to color your hairs professionally. These tips can really prove extremely beneficial for your hair coloring desires. These tips are money saving and at the same time they are also time saving and will help you to color your hairs properly.

Here are few tips for hair colors:

Condiments for colour correcting:
This procedure may sound you a bit awkward but it’s the lethal solution to the chemicals reactions you face after coloring your hairs which is very much harmful for the scalp and hairs. Hair colors contains various chemicals like chlorine, ammonia & PPD which are harmful for your hairs but you can counter react it with the help of tomato sauce. You can apply tomato sauce to your hairs as it will rectify the reactions and will give yiu the desired colors.

Stay away from sulfate:
You should always look for sulfate free hair care product as sulfate is very much harmful for the hairs and scalp. You should rinse your hairs with sulfate free hair shampoo as sulfate washes away everything from your hairs from your colors to moisture.

Get filtering:
As you know in the modern era of pollution the water we use is full of polluting agents and minerals like chlorine which makes your hairs dry and frizzy. It is suggested that you should use shower filter for washing your hairs so that the unwanted impurities can stay away.

Sponging for strobing:
Want a cool strobing effect? Buy yourself a Beauty blender. Cut it in half and use the round side to gently press on brightly coloured dye for a painterly effect.

Use conditioner for subtler color:
You can mix some semi permanent hair color with white conditioner into a bowl to get the desired color you want for your hairs. The color you see in the bowl will be the exact color you will get as a hair dye on your hairs. After applying it you can safely put a shower cap for around half an hour before rinsing it off.

Buy two boxes:
If your hairs are long and you feel like that the one box of color always fall short for your long hairs than you should always buy two boxes of colors to full fill the quantity required to color hairs.

Metal is not your friend:
For the most even outcomes, dependably blend shading in a bowl and paint it on with a shading brush. When blending the shading, do as such in a glass or plastic bowl, as metal oxidizes the color and makes it change shading.

Highlighter hacks:
You do your own particular features, utilize a color two shades lighter than your essential hair shading, at that point paint it on utilizing a perfect toothbrush or mascara wand, utilizing it sparingly where the sun would be normally.

Conditioner first, shampoo second:
Once you’ve splashed your hair, run conditioner through it and put the cleanser straightforwardly over the conditioner. This secures your hair, making a characteristic obstruction between your shading and the cleanser, while as yet expelling abundance oil. Do what you’d generally do, however in turn around.

Touch up your roots – and only your roots:
The finishes of your hair are more permeable, and consequently splash up more shading. When touching up your foundations, secure the finishes of your hair with conditioner or include a teaspoon of cornstarch into the color to prevent it from dribbling down to whatever remains of your hair.

Herbal hair color:
You should always use herbal hair color for coloring your hairs as herbal hair color are very good for the health of the hairs and the scalp. It contains no chemicals like ammonia or ppd which are very harmful for the health of the hairs and the scalp. Herbal hair color are completely safe to use.

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