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If you want to lead an organic lifestyle, you might want to know which rules you should follow. From buying locally to visiting only organic hair salons, here are some of the main requirements!

1. Consume Only Organic Foods

Consume Only Organic Foods

Make sure to purchase only foods, which are certified organic; otherwise, you are feeding your body with tons of chemicals, which have no business being there. It goes for every food possible, from greens to meat and dairy. Unfortunately, organic foods tend to be slightly more expensive; at the same time, they are also healthier and tastier. Not to mention, you might be lucky enough to save a thousand or ten on your medical bills. If you want to go farther, you might want to consider buying locally. It basically means the foods were produced in the close vicinity to where they are being sold; therefore, you are not paying for pollution caused by the transport, which brings the foods to the market. If your location and your living arrangements allow you, you can also try to grow some of the foods yourself. You might not be able to keep a cow, but you can grow tomatoes and greens.

2. Look For Eco-Friendly Products


Do some research and look for brands, which come up with environmentally-friendly household products. Unfortunately, there are no truly organic ones yet.

3. Substitute Generic Products With Natural Alternatives

Products With Natural Alternatives

Even though there are no organic cleaning products, you can substitute some of them with natural alternatives. For example, you can use baking soda to clean your mirrors and windows, your drain, your shower, your dishes, etc. Look up the most efficient natural substitutes for generic cleaning products. You can also incorporate them into your beauty routine. Switch your shampoo for baking soda and water mixture and your conditioner for coconut oil. You can also use olive oil. Utilize it as a hair treatment or a makeup remover. Believe it or not, but the majority of the foods in your kitchen can be used to enhance your beauty!

4. Avoid Causing Harm To The Environment

Avoid Causing Harm To The Environment

The large part of the organic lifestyle is the desire to cause no harm to the environment around you. For example, you can ditch your car and use public transport instead. Moreover, if there is a possibility for you to use other non-damaging means, use them. Ride a bike to your local store or to meet your friends. It will be even better, if you do it on your feet. This way you can both avoid causing pollution and promote your health!
These were some of the main rules of leading an organic lifestyle from, hope they were useful!

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