Full-Body Workout or Split Workout – Which One is the Most Effective Regimen?

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If you are someone who loves to surf a lot about different types of fitnessrelated videos online, then you must have come across some people bragging about the split routine workout while others about the full-body workout.

It can become so much confusing for anyone as it is hard to decide:

  • Should you join the bandwagon and mainly focus on the split workout regimen? Or
  • Should you focus on the full-body workout regimen?

It depends completely on what are your goals, say a qualified fitness instructor with personal training certification.

What are the key benefits of following a split workout regimen?

If you are trying to focus on giving more definition to your muscle groups, then definitely split-routine workouts help you in targeting specific muscles in your body. For instance, if you are thinking about getting more defined quads muscle, you have to do squats on your leg day.

Some benefits of the split workout routine:

  • It is mainly followed provided you are looking for a less intense workout regimen which means you will experience relatively less exhaustion, thereby leading to lifting greater weights for an independent muscle group.
  • This workout regimen completes in just 30 minutes. If you are someone who doesn’t have much time to spend hours to do the intense workout for a longer duration, then split workout routine is the best one for you.
  • By focussing on different muscle groups each day, you can add on a different range of exercises and you won’t feel bored.

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The downsides of the split workout routines:

The only downside of this type of workout regimen is that you tend to lose fewer calories in comparison to the full-body workout. If you are someone who is thinking about losing excess fat, you should not follow this routine and consult a fitness instructor with personal training certification.

It is only good for those who don’t want to lose weight but simply give more definition to their muscles.

What are the key benefits of a full-body workout regimen?

  • A full-body workout helps you in targeting each muscle group when you follow it in your exercise routine.
  • As per a qualified health coach with personal training certification, when you dedicated do full-body workout for at least 3 to 4 times in a week then you are giving a great stimulus to each muscle group.
  • This isn’t possible in the split workout routine as if you miss out workout any day then you will have to wait for next to do that specific exercise.

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The downsides of the full-body workout routine:

  • Firstly, you won’t be able to dedicatedly focus on the specific muscle group to give it a proper definition.
  • You will feel more fatigued in this workout regimen and will have to get enough rest.

Wrapping up

Which type of workout routine will be the best match for you? It is good to follow the combination of both workout regimens under the supervision of a qualified health coach with personal training certification.

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