Dishes You Must Try When Visiting Vietnam

Vietnamese culture

In the Vietnamese culture, food is at the center. Their food mixes a range of flavors
and tastes making it unforgettable. You can’t fail to see the street eateries in the towns of Vietnam, however, as the streets become more affluent, you will meet local restaurants that provide authentic cuisine. They skillfully balance sweet, salty, sour and hot flavors through a fermented fish sauce, citrus fruit juice, cane sugar and chilipeppers. They use plenty of herbs, making the food both sweet and healthy. Here are some of the Tasty Dishes to try in Vietnam.


Pho consists of fresh rice noodles, salty broth, some herbs, and beef or chicken. It is the staple
food in this culture and is very common on the local diet. It is cheap and very popular in Vietnam and in restaurants around the world. You will find this dish in all kinds of eating places from the stalls to the high-end restaurants.

Com tam 

Com tam is a very popular dish specifically in South Vietnam. You can eat it at any time of the day but is more popular in the morning. It is served with grilled marinated pork chops, pork skin, and a mixture of shredded pork over broken rice. Ingredients like pickled vegetables, tomato, and cucumber can be added along with pork meatloaf, egg custard or fried eggs. Since it is a dry dish, Com tam is normally served with fish sauce on the side.

Banh xeo

These are giant sizzling pancakes which are crispy and are served with shrimp, bulging pork,
and bean sprouts. Every Vietnamese dish is served with herbs, making them authentic and very tasty. Cut the cake into manageable slices, roll in lettuce leaves or rice paper, then dunk in the special sauce it has been served with and enjoy.


Translated as sticky or glutinous rice, Xoi is present in many food stalls and restaurants in
South East Asia. It is a common breakfast meal in Vietnam because of its energy boost for the start of theday. It comes with various options like fried or preserved eggs, pork or slithers of chicken. It is commonly served with sausage, chicken meat, and scallion oil. Many vendors around Ho Chi Minh City serves this delicacy so don’t fail to try it.

Banh mi

This is the Vietnamese version of baguette sandwich. Just like Pho, Banh mi has attracted many people around the world. It is light and crispy, but also has flavor variations that make it taste so great and hence one of the Tasty Dishes to try in Vietnam. It is filled with greens and freshly made omelet or pate. In the north, they try to stick to the basics, but in the south, you will find a colorful combination of sausages, pickled vegetables, cold cuts, fried eggs, cheese, chili sauce, and cilantro.

Banh Cuon

This is steamed rice cake is prepared with a taste of French. It is made of wheat, egg, and some dairy products. Those from the north like the steamed crepe made from rice flour. The chef adds wood-ear, ground pork, onions, and seasoning into the meal, then serves it with a mixture of fish sauce, lime, and sugar.

Cha Gio

This crunchy spring roll is made with a soft meat and veggie filling. Dunk this in a tangy sauce to ignite the stomach juices in readiness for the main course. Mince pork and diced vegetables are a common stuffing, but some use tofu, crab, or mashed jicama.

Bun Cha

It tops the Vietnamese lunch time foods and is among the oldest favorite cuisine in Northern Vietnam. It includes rice noodles served with grilled chopped meat or meat grilled over a charcoal stove and the regular herbs. All of this is dipped in thick fish sauce. You must try this dish, even President Obama enjoyed it when he first visited Vietnam.

Goi Cuon

This salad roll is very popular and very agreeable to many people. Each roll is packed with
tasty greens, coriander and a choice of minced crab, shrimp or pork. Some places serve it with a bowl of mint or lettuce. This is then dunked in a tasty peanut sauce making it finger licking with every bite.

Nem Cua Be

These crab spring rolls perfectly complement Bun cha. Made of fried rolls filled with vermicelli noodles, and sea crab and lightly fried. These rolls can be very savory and melt in the mouth deliciously. They serve as an appetizer as you wait for the bun cha. You can also dip it into bun cha soup.


Vietnamese are known for their culinary arts that produce mouthwatering dishes. If you travel with your baby or kid, it’s a sure thing they will fall in love with Vietnamese foods, especially their soup and mashed foods. Just remember, if you want the kid to enjoy those dishes, you will want to be careful with the chily in the fish sauce (remember to tell the vendor in advance). Bon appétit!

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