Create a New Fashion Statement with Timeless Apparel

Fashion Statement

In this article we shall discuss about the type of clothing/fashion that is considered timeless and what the style staple is for most of the women. Women should obtain the pieces which have stood test of time and is suitable for wearing with different outfit and color combinations. These are believed to be an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

Which Clothing or Accessory is timeless?
The term timeless implies that these items are flexible and versatile for wearing for a number of seasons and occasions. Trench coat is an example of this as it can be used for work, leisure, school and evening attire during the entire year. You can buy these using Paytm offers too.

Trench coat for all occasions
Timeless piece will be useful as foundation for your outfit just as tank top that is worn below a cardigan to layer with the tops or another top, dresses and t-shirts.

Basic tank top is one of your closet essentials
Classic piece evokes negligible emotion and is unlikely to influence your remaining outfit. For this reason the basic colors like white, black, browns, dark navy blue, beige and olive green are considered basic and they will not compete with various prints, colors and textures.Neutrals are flexible and versatile; buy some pieces using online coupons myntra and get great discounts.

Now let us see how timeless piece works:

Fashion trends are temporary as they come and go but timeless pieces will never look outdated.  Classic accessory or garment will always be suitable for various seasons. It means that if colored jeans are the hottest items during any season, you will continue to look stylish in these.

Timeless denim jeans for all seasons
You will notice that general trends come up every season. Grey, purple, mustard yellow and black-on-black-on-black are the popular fall colors. Any garment that you have in these colors will last for two to three years depending on the speed with which your taste and style are evolving.

Your timeless pieces will depend on your lifestyle and activities that you perform regularly. This will involve having right type and right amount of clothes for the place where maximum time is spent by you. can be a huge help in finding the right apparel at discounted prices.

Lifestyle circle diagram to figure clothes to buy
If you are working in an office, your wardrobe should mostly have clothes that are appropriate for your office. Other garments and the accessories should be matching your lifestyle.

Inevitable occasions
You will have to cater for occasional dressy events such as wedding or other important occasion few times a year as you have to appear semi-formal.

Top 3 Wardrobe Essentials
Black Pumps, Black dress and Crystal stud ring will always be handy and would easily last for three to four years based on its quality and changes in your lifestyle.

Add your own flavor
Create casual chic outfit of basic black dress and the pearl stud earrings. See how nice bohemian print cardigan appears with classic black wrap dress and the stud pearl earrings. Red sandals and snake print clutch will add good amount of interest to the neutral colored dress.

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