Connection Between Kidney Transplant Cost and Medical Tourism in India

Kidney transplant costs

India ranks number one in providing the best Kidney Transplant across the Globe. The ranking is pure because of the results of the treatment in India. The success rate of the kidney transplant in India is above 99%.

It is one of the reasons that a higher number of medical tourists are visiting the country every year. Well, there exist other countries too, where the success of kidney transplant is high. It includes the US, the UK, Singapore, Russia, Thailand and more.

Then what can be the reason that India attracts the maximum number of medical tourists every year? It is because of the Cost of Kidney Transplantation.

What is the cost of a kidney transplant in India?

The price of a kidney transplant in India is USD 13,500 to 16,500. There is no other country across the globe who can deliver the treatment at an equivalent cost. Every country charges four to eight times higher for a kidney transplant compared to India.

In no way, you can find a better and reasonable kidney transplant across the globe when compared to India. Moreover, when you travel to other countries for operation; you have other expenses too.

Miscellaneous expenses for a transplant include:

  • Living cost until the transplant and recovery
  • Cost of diagnosis
  • Recovery cost
  • Expenses involved in drugs and expenses
  • Stay and food costs
  • Travel cost
  • Visa expenses, and more that can be specific for a patient

Well, you do not only save on a Kidney Transplant Price, but you save unconditionally on all the expenses involved. The living cost is very low in India. You can also get a medical visa at the cost of 200 dollars per person.

You can save travel expenses within the country, as you can stay in the international lounge of the hospital. Also, if you want cheaper options, you can find stay and lodging nearby the hospital. If you have any difficulty arranging your accommodation, medical tourism companies can help you with the same.

Moreover, the hospitals design a complete kidney transplant package for you. It includes all the food, diagnosis, stay, and everything until the transplant for the patient. So, you do not have any additional package for the patient and the donor until the discharge from the hospital.

One has to bear additional expenses only for the attendant. These expenses are also minimal. When you seek guidance from the medical tourism companies, they can offer you a list of hospitals in India that offer the best treatment at a minimum possible price.

Final Words:

When your doctor recommends you for a kidney transplant, and you are looking for a low-cost of kidney transplant, high-quality treatment option; you shall consider your treatment in India.

The treatment price in India is already low. However, the cost might further reduce when you seek guidance from medical tourism companies. Having years of experience in the industry, they can offer you the best treatment at a discounted price.

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