Cakes For Breakfast: Is It Good Or Bad?

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Guys, here is a good news for you. Scientists say that you can eat cakes in breakfast! Sounds crazy? Well, I have brought some reasons for you here below. Later on we will look into the studies also for your relieve!

  1. Helps you to keep pounds off

Well according to a study over obese people says that, if you eat high-protein and high-calorie breakfast including a dessert, you will keep your pounds off in a quick time. While having regular low carb and low-calorie breakfast will not help you to do that faster, as it will not include sweets (cakes).

  1. Helps you in losing weight

Sweet treats like cakes help you to stem your cravings for foods. So having your breakfast of protein and carbs diet, you should have a piece of cake! Understanding the meal composition and meal timings, you can easily get rid of your extra weights. A considerable breakfast can hold back your hunger cravings and you less likely gorge the rest of the day.

So all the cakes offers in the market are not a waste! Grab them to lose some extra weights!

Some people say desserts do not fit into the breakfast idea, while others say that cakes in breakfast are ok, as long as it is a part of your healthy diet. Let us see the study results why you should say a yes for cakes.


Let us discuss a study that included 193 obese adults. Researchers divided them in two halves. The first half was left to eat a large calorie breakfast with a cake. The second half ate a small calorie breakfast excluding any sweet dish. All of them followed the same amount of breakfast for sixteen weeks at a stretch. After this time, it was observed that the second group gained 24 pounds, while the first group lost 15 pounds, on average.

On an added note, the first group had lower levels of ghrelin (hunger hormone), i.e. they had fewer food cravings than the second group of people. When the ghrelin levels rise in your blood, metabolism rate decreases. So, the first group of people will be able to lose some weights with time.

How good it is to be true…

Now you must be thinking that how true it is. Well, the study result may be showing that eating large breakfast with sweet dishes is a good idea for future weight loss, but does not justify it properly whether eating cake in breakfast is good for health or not. Nutritionists say that having a regular habit of eating sugar in breakfast is not good for health. But to have a limited amount of cakes in the breakfast can manage the ghrelin levels in your blood, which in turn can manage your cravings for food until the lunch.

Now you can certainly understand that how cakes can help your health. Various cake shops offer cakes discount coupons all over the year. So having a single bite of cake everyday will not cost much money from your pocket! Enjoy cakes with good health!

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