Best Places for a Must Visit in Dubai With Family

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Dubai a city known for its luxurious lifestyle, lavish malls, and enchanting nightlife. If you plan a vacation to Dubai, you must know about the must-visit places in the city. Among the various attractions, Dubai has a few places a person must see once in their lifetime.

Best places in Dubai:

  1. Burj Khalifa: The tallest skycaper in the world, Burj Khalifa, can be seen from every corner of the city and far away land. It is the most crucial landmark of Dubai. A building with 163 floors, you can see a panoramic view all around Dubai and other nearby places with sprawling deserts. The skyscraper has a fountain right outside the building, which has 6,600 lights. When you visit Burj Khalifa, make sure to stay over to watch the light show on this fountain. You can also find restaurants, hotels, and other entertainment amenities on the different floors of Burj khalifa.
  2. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo: when you get to Dubai, make sure to walk through the Aquarium, which has rare aquatic creatures from reef sharks to sand tiger sharks, different types of turtles, and much more. You must experience ‘swim with the sharks’ and feel the deep ocean vibes. The aquarium opens from 10 am to 10 pm Dubai time.
  3. Desert safari: this will be one of a kind experience in Dubai. Specially planned for tourists who visit the city to explore. You will take on a desert ride in a car right into the middle of a desert and drive through massive sand dunes. It is one of the most thrilling things to enjoy in Dubai. After this adventure, you will be taken to a desert camp for the night, where you can enjoy the cuisine and cultural music of the Emirates.
  4. Kidzania Dubai: an adventurous and exciting place meant for children. If you visit Dubai with your kids, you must take them to the Kidzania for an exclusive experience. There is a wide variety of activities for children to take part in and enjoy.
  5. Ski Dubai: if you want to have the pleasure of ice skating after the hot desert adventure, you can go to Ski Dubai, an indoor snow park in the world. You can do different activities like snowboarding and twin-track bobble and also play with penguins.
  6. Adventure waterpark: one of the world’s largest waterparks is a must-visit in Dubai. Taking a ride in aqua conda, the world’s most giant water pipe, you can enjoy many other water rides with the best safety measures in the Adventure waterpark of Dubai. Experiencing different water slides and artificial lagoons, you will make life’s happiest memories.
  7. The Dubai mall: a paradise for shoppers; if you go to the famous Dubai mall, there is nothing you will not find. Ranging from super luxurious items to all normal-priced things, you can shop endlessly here. Branded watches, mobile phones, expensive cosmetics, shoes, clothes, and amongst all the famous Dubai gold. You can get gold in the form of jwellery, coins, or biscuits. You can buy gold at excellent prices from Dubai or other Emirates countries.
  8. Ferrari world: if you are fond of expensive high-end cars, you will find loads of them in the Ferrari world in Dubai. You can ride different luxury brand cars for that experience. You can hop on a Ferrari and ride it to feel the formula one unique experience.
  9. Dubai dolphin park: when you take your children to see the friendly dolphins dancing and having fun in the water, they will be the happiest. Dolphin park will give you a different experience of how fishes can communicate with humans and entertain people.

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As there is no limit to describe all the amazing places of Dubai, the above-mentioned Best places to visit in Dubai are a must to experience to make the best memories with your family and loved ones.

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