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Australia is filled with so many tourist spots that are eye-catching. Millions of people go to Australia every single year because of its beauty and rich culture. Some people prefer to go to the usual spots in Australia that we often see in the internet but there are also unspoiled places that must be part of your bucket list. Art junkies from around the globe loves to roam in artsy places of any destination they are going and if you are heading to Australia then you can’t miss any of these places:

  • The Travellers

The Travellers is nestled in the city of Victoria, Australia. This art installation can be found at the heart of the Sandridge Bridge. The art is basically sculptured using towering steels that shows a group of people that clearly represents the real-life stories, sufferings and success of the migrants from all over the world. This art installation is really important to the community of Victoria in Australia.

  • Melbourne Museum

If you’re going to Melbourne then you have to visit their museum. It is considered as one of the most beautiful museums in Australia because of the culture and heritage that it gives. There are so many great art galleries you can see inside and here are some of them:

  • Children’s Gallery
  • Brickman ‘Wonders of the World’
  • 600 Million Years
  • WWI: Love & Sorrow
  • The Melbourne Story
  • Bugs Alive!
  • Forest Secrets
  • Discovery Centre
  • Darwin to DNA
  • Dynamic Earth
  • Marine Life
  • The Human Body
  • The Mind

Melbourne Museum is definitely a must-visit. It opens from 10am-5pm daily.

  • Victorian Archives Centre

If you wanna get to know more about history and culture then you must visit Victorian Archives Centre. The great thing about Victorian Archives Centre is the fact that it offers a variety of artifacts and arts that will surely make you feel excited and amazed. Also, Victorian Archives Centre allows people to see documents from the past about the history of Australia so you better visit this place!

  • Yarra River Gallery

If you ever happen to visit Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia then you will surely pass by the Yarra River Gallery. The Yarra River Gallery is like a tribute to all the bells that was used in many different centuries. Those bells represent the service and dignity that they brought when they were used by the federation a hundred years ago. Featured in the area is the Federations Bells that showcases 39 bells that are programmed to specifically play commissioned beautiful and wondrous compositions every single day. There is also this site called Speaker’s corner which served as the platform for activists that wants to express.

  • Maroondah Access Gallery

Maroondah Access Gallery can be found at the Federation State in Ringwood. It offers different kinds of art exhibitions that shows different kinds of changes amongst different kinds of matter, space, universe and existence. Maroondah Access Gallery gives opportunities to artists, contributors and organizers to pursue their dreams and aspirations through their open calls for proposals and submissions. Through that, aspiring artists will be able to show the people of Australia what they got. If you are staying in Australia for a long period of time then you should submit an art to Maroondah Access Gallery.

  • Docklands Public Art Walk

If you are into public art walks then you should totally visit the Docklands Public Art Walk. It is one of the best public art places in Australia that showcases artworks from different people. Public art is really a part of the Melbourne culture that is why they made a public art walk in Docklands. When you visit the Docklands Public Art Walk, you will see different kinds of artworks about Australia. Also, you will see a map that will lead you to the artworks so this place must be part of your bucket list.

Art is something that we should cherish and take care of. In Australia, they have platforms and places that preserves their art and culture and that is really really important. You will surely enjoy Australia if you visit the places cited above!

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Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a writer for Kims, one of Australia’s perfect beach retreat places that offers a cluster of deluxe timber bungalows and spa villas on the beach. Mark also gives out guides and tips for people regarding on how the can enjoy their vacation and trips around the world.

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