Ayurveda- The Science Behind Balancing The Internal Energies


World’s one of the oldest healing system got evolved in India about 4000 years before. Ayurveda- the branch of medicine which still continues to be one among the top trusted method of curing diseases. It is not only about treating the diseases instead is a regular practice to follow in order to balance the inner peace and immunity of the body. The greatest speciality of Ayurveda is that all the remedies are directly sourced from the Vedas. With the proper mix of all-natural ingredients, and with highly formulated methods, the medicines are prepared. The rejuvenating effect of the Ayurvedic medicines always gives you a young, clean and fresh feel.

How the treatment is fixed in Ayurveda

According to this science, the whole body energy is categorized into three. All the mental and physical activities of an individual are under the control of these three energy forms or ‘three doshas’. The individuality in wellbeing and accomplishment is provided by these doshas. These doshas are known as Vata, Pitta and Kapha and are derived from the five basic elements of life. Vata is the reflection of the space and air element, Pitta reflects the elements of water and fire finally Kapha is a reflection of water and earth. A balance of all these doshas normally represents the equilibrium state of the body. If any of the doshas predominate in an individual, the human health system may lose its balance and will lead to an un-well state. Even though many top Ayurvedic products are available in India, all the products won’t be suitable to all individuals the physician will first determine the body nature of an individual and then fix the treatment methods and medication.

The products offered in Ayurveda

As all the Ayurvedic products are derived from natural ingredients, it has got the advantage of very fewer side effects. So many products are used by the common man without any prescription from an expert. Although this practice won’t do that much harm to our body, it is advisable to use them with the proper guidelines. Some of the very common products are listed below.

  • Skincare products

Many of the skin glowing and rejuvenating creams are made in this category. As time progresses , many companies manufacture all skincare products starting from the face washes, scrubbers, masks, anti-wrinkling creams and the list goes on.

  • Haircare products

Many hair care treatment products for lice, dandruff, split ends, hair re-growth is offered under this category. Keeping different base oils for different purposes, the essence of many natural ingredients are mixed with these oils. The thick shiny hair is on hand with the regular use of these products.

  • Memory boosters

Nature has got some special herbal plants to boost the brain cells and enhance your memory power. These are proven to be very effective in children in the growing age.

  • Digestive care products

As individuals get older, their organs may experience a lag in functioning. The most affected parts being the digestive system. Many Ayurvedic choornas (powders) are very useful in treating indigestion, constipation like problems.

Wrapping up,

It is always best to follow our ancient customs and traditions. Many of those traditions are seeking scientific explanations nowadays. Best Ayurvedic products in India are contributing to the well being of the whole human race.

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