A Data-Driven Culture: How to Win Data Scientist in?


If strategizing a data-driven culture would have been done effortlessly, every business could have easily transformed. Yet, it is seen that organizations are still facing difficulties, despite the accelerating pace of data growing massively.

Barriers to transformation, here’s how the state of organizations with a data-driven culture looks like today:

  • 2017 – 37.1%

  • 2018- 32.4%

  • 2019- 31%

Due to the lack of data science professionals, there is a constraint that limits organizations in transitioning to a data-driven culture.

What is the significance of having a data-driven culture within an organization?

It is seen in the current scenario that there have been around 87.8% reports stating they’re in greater need to make an investment in data-driven initiatives. Whereas, by the year 2020, there will be approximately 80% of the organizations that will deliberately initiate competency development in data literacy and acknowledgement in these extremities of talent deficit, as predicted by Gartner.

Data Science Knowledge: Who Knows What

This infographic is in an attempt to unravel different sides of these cool job roles and the knowledge it imparts.

  • Data scientist

They’re also called “as rare as a unicorn.” They spend 90% of their time in cleaning the data and hold responsible for massaging and organizing big data as well. Data science professionals have the mindset of a curious data wizard. They’re extensively great with Python, R, SAS, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Predictive Modeling and Storytelling. Having in-depth knowledge in data scientist skills will definitely

  • Big data engineer

They’re software engineers by trade and have the mindset of an all-purpose everyman. A big data engineer’s job role is to develop, construct, maintain architecture like databases and large scale processing systems and test them for any kind of error. A big data engineer has in-depth knowledge in skills such as Pig, Hive, Spark, SQL, Python, Java, C++ and Perl etc.

  • Big data analyst

He is the data detective. Big data analyst need to be proficient working with excel and Tableau (spreadsheet tools), databases such as SQL/NoSQL. This job role is ideal for candidates having extensive knowledge in domain such as mathematics, machine learning and statistics. The job role includes collection of data, processing it and analyzing it using statistical data analysis.

Glassdoor also predicts data scientists’ jobs to be the highest-ranking jobs in comparison with big data engineer and big data analyst with an annual salary package of $108,000 median base salary per year.

Is this all about data science? Well, it is a slippery term that has involves everything to do with data. From collection to handling, to explaining patterns and predicting positive insights derived from data – this is all data science.

Want to become a data science professional today?

Now is the time to earn a data science professional certification and become a certified data scientist!

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