The Trio For Happiness: Food, Mind, Exercise

There are yet many people for whom being healthy happy is just physically that is free from diseases or illness, but overall wellness is the combination of physical and mental wellbeing.

Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it, says an adage and which was never so applicable as in today’s time.

As our lives are going towards more hectic schedules and lifestyle is becoming more sedentary. It’s high time that we pause everything and pay attention our health or else there will be only regrets left.

You will be yourself responsible for your wellbeing, and you are the only one who can work on yourself and make things work, but it’s only possible after you put in some efforts and have time for yourself hence work on the trio and free from procrastination!

Balanced Diet And Nutrition

You are what you eat and so one needs to be picky in his eating habits as just gulping empty calories won’t lead you anywhere.

It is important to know how many calories should one eat to lose weight, as it varies from person to person.

You are what you eat that means the food choices reflect who you are and what your state is today, tomorrow, and in the future. Good nutrition is a vital component of your overall health, and naturally, this is where you need to start making decisions on your journey to holistic wellness.

We are so busy in hustling that we don’t have much of spare time, but simple changes and tips like the below can go a long way.

Home-cooked meals:

Despite how busy your schedule is, set aside some time to make your meals at home. Cooking and eating homemade food has many benefits, for example, the food that is prepared at home has fewer calories compared to the same food when bought from out and also it will save your money and ensures that you are eating healthy food with fresh ingredients.

Make healthy choices:

Fill your fridge with more go, grow, and glow foods. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Minimize fried foods and sugar.

Make a habit to eat your breakfast: It’s been said,” To have a breakfast like a king, lunch as a prince and dinner like a pauper.” Breakfast fuels you with the energy you will need to think faster and clearer for the rest of the day.

Avoid eating when you are bored, Understand the difference between feeling hungry and getting bored:

Thoughtless snack eating habits bring myriad health problems. It over exceeds your daily energy requirement while providing little, if not zero nutritional benefits. If you must snack, choose recipes and options that only enhance your nutrition.

Drink Enough Water:

Cut your calories and drink lots of water. Avoid soda, energy drinks, and sports drinks because they are major sources of added sugar and empty calories.

Rules of eating out:

Eating clean does not equal to boring food. Health-savvy foodies now have a multitude of choices at their disposal.


Always remember that a healthy lifestyle is an active way of life! A study published in the Lancet has reported that physical inactivity and lack of exercise is as deadly as smoking. Statistics states that out of the 57 million deaths that occurred worldwide last 2008, 5.3 million were due to causes related to physical inactivity.

Forget diabetes and heart diseases. Consequences of a sedentary lifestyle go beyond these conditions causing anxiety, depression, and even cancer.

Stress-free with a Bosu ball

The solution to the above? The exercise of course. Exercise has an outstanding impact on your physical and mental wellness while reducing stress and improving self-confidence. Below are some tips one can follow to achieve a healthy, active lifestyle:

Every step you take will be taken into account for better health:

Studies show that walking helps you manage your weight. It also has a great impact on your overall health. Walking at least 10,000 steps per day increases your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens your bones, burns excess fat, and boosts endurance.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself out of that room. Go to the park or go shopping at the mall. Have fun and enjoy while burning calories.

Control your screen time:

Today’s generation is significantly influenced by digital media in all forms such as TV, computer, smartphones, and video games. Overuse of digital media increases the risk of obesity while developing sleeping problems. Limit your screen time and consider other options that are beneficial for reading and outdoor activities.

Indulge into sports:

Sports are a great avenue which allows you to have fun and exercise at the same time. It also builds coordination, skills, and confidence.

Go on an adventure:

You don’t need to be the adventurous type to enjoy taking scenic trips. Spend some time with nature. Try physical activities like trekking, caving, and rock climbing.

Not only does it let you breathe fresh air in contrast to the usual polluted city air, but it also enhances your cardiovascular fitness, strengthens your bones, and frees you from the stress you are carrying.

Stay optimistic!

A healthy body accompanies a healthy mind. Staying positive keeps, you motivated and lets you live a healthy life. It is then much easier to make healthy choices, especially with food and exercise.

Mindset should be carefree and positive;

People also gain weight due to stress, and it is not just about beating stress; it is also about appreciating your yourself and enjoying some quality, alone time. Here are some tips to stay positive:

Something that keeps you alive Do what you love and love what you do:

Choose something you will enjoy doing. If you love the outdoors, you can go hiking or even biking.

Keep it interesting: Try out different activities like swimming, wakeboarding, and even snorkeling. Record yourself, even listen to music, while you exercise.

Experiment with yoga: Yoga is a mind-body exercise which is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, all while improving flexibility, building muscle strength, and developing proper posture.

Give yourself some time off now and then: Don’t overwork yourself. Go out with friends, have mini vacations or go to the spa, or take a day off work now and then to relax.

It is important to keep in mind that the choices you make have grave consequences to your overall health. Take care of yourself. Try and find balance in your life with this positivity triad.

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