5 Ways to Identify Genuine Leather Products



Looking for a real leather product but don’t know how to identify it? Take a look at the following idea and enlighten yourself about some of the best ways to check for the real leather.


Leather symbolizes a whole different class of grace and style. Leather products are not only very durable but they give others the impact of your rich taste. Many times we purchase various products at sky touching charges thinking it to pure leather but most of the time we are actually falling for the wrong products. There are a number of ways with which we can easily check whether we are buying the real leather or not like in men leather casual shoes. Take a look at the following for some of the easiest ways.

  1. Edge it out– A real leather product always has rough and a bit uneven ends. The texture of real leather is always very unique and different and therefore it is difficult to even out the edges always. A fake leather product which is plastic based or made of some other material can be easily given a proper shape and also the edges will be perfectly carved. Just checking the edges can help you save a lot of your time.
  1. The water test- As the real leather is made of animal skin then there is no doubt that it contains various qualities which are absolutely unmatchable and this is one of them. Put a drop of water on your leather product and watch it for a few seconds. If it absorbs up then it is true leather and if puddles up on the top then it is 100% fake.
  1. Checks for the rigidness– Real leather is very tough to mend to shape as per your choice therefore check the rigidity of the metal. If the material changes even a bit just by the touch of your finger or hand then it is not real leather. This can be great test while purchasing casual leather shoes for men.
  1. The surface check– The skin texture of any animal is never exactly the same. It always varies depending on its conditions. Real leather made of animal skin has the best test which can easily identify between the real and fake leather. Take a deep look on the surface of the leather product. If the texture is very even and you find it very similar to one another, then it might be fake. Animal skin is always uneven and that is the same way the leather will be as well. If the product’s texture seems unique to you from every angle you see it then it is true leather but if you find it almost same everywhere then it is fake.
  1. Smelling test– This might sound weird and absurd to you but this works like magic. The smell of real leather can be very easily identified by anyone, even by someone who smells it for the first time. This is because it is very different every time. The real leather will actually smell natural and like the skin but the fake one will smell more like plastic. Let your smelling power make the decision this time.

Leather casual shoes, handbags, bags, wallets, jackets and various other accessories does look extremely elegant and classy but only if you know that it is true leather that you are carrying. Purchase the real leather from Egoss as they have been in the industry for a very long time and do provide you with ethnic leather products.

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