5 Benefits Of Playing With Dolls


Dolls appear as one of the oldest toys. Kids played with them since time immemorial. Despite the advancement in technology, they remain to be an important experience for children. Not only that it feels good to own one, but playing with dolls has its long term benefits to a child’s growth.

In this article, we highlighted five reasons why playing with dolls is an activity your child should not miss. It’s also worth noting that it provides ample benefits to a growing kid regardless of gender.

Playing with Dolls Help Improve Kids’ Imagination

While action figures also trigger creativity by making up a scenario, dolls have a more emotional and realistic impact. Children engage in imaginative play with their pretend babies, sometimes mimicking what they saw on TV or what they heard from adults. But more often than not, they will try to come up with something new. You’ll be surprised to see them treat the doll like their child.

Moreover, children can be more creative in the sense of design. See them explore colors, style, mix and match elements to make their doll look better, or at least apply why they think would seem perfect. As such, provide safe and non-toxic materials that they can use so you won’t worry about them messing with your stuff to decorate their doll.

Enhances Social and Communication Skills

The streets and outdoors are not always in good condition to serve as a play place for our kids. Their friends may also live far away. In this case, your child won’t develop their social and communication skills, making it hard for them to connect with other kids when they are at school.

Realistic dolls such as a Kiss Silicone Baby and a bit of encouragement to use this doll for imaginative play would help them get ready for school and interaction with other children of their age. However, don’t forget that one-on-one interaction with parents is still crucial for overall personality growth.

Gives Them A Sense Of Responsibility

When a child starts to see a toy as a responsibility, that’s a good sign of development. Taking care for a doll prepares them for a wide variety of duties and consequences the world has to offer.

Enhances Empathy And Compassion

Empathy and compassion are two social skill attributes kids will learn while playing with dolls. They start to consider the feeling of others, making them ready to care for pets and grow up as caring people.

Allows Children To Make Mistakes Without Hurting Anyone

With a parent’s guidance, a child can learn if they are going too far or doing less in caring for their doll. This event allows them to identify what they did wrong and figure out what would make things right.

Playing with Dolls Reflects the Emotional Well-Being Of A Child

The parent’s role in the process of doll play is giving them the toy, getting out of the way, checking what they’re doing and provide guidance at the right time and situation. How they play with their doll will give you a glimpse of their emotional life. However, it is best to let your child explore and be around ready to explain things or answer questions throughout their playtime.

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