24 Ways You Can Add Value To Your Property – Infographic

Your property isn’t just a place to call home. It’s also a life investment. Have you ever wondered how you can increase the chances of upping your property value so you can climb the ladder yourself? Modern Garden Rooms has put together “24 Ways You Can Add Value to Your Property” which also details how much each tip can boost your property value up by. Adding value doesn’t need to be complicated or costly; they have provided even the smallest of tips such as fixing cracks in your wall by 3-5%.

The goal of any property investment is to increase its value – eventually you want it to be worth more than what you originally bought it for. But before splashing out on big investments like a conservatory or a huge extension – you should look into just how much value these additions will add to your property by getting advice from planning permission services and surveyors. By picking the right way to improve your home you’ll increase your chances of a better sale price.

You also need to ask yourself – is a new marble-top kitchen worth it? What about a swimming pool or a complete home makeover? As much as these changes sound appealing, you need to consider if these ideas will be worth the return in investment for your home (and your new one). Pumping too much money into your existing home and not getting the valued price you hoped for can be disheartening for homeowners, which is why it’s always very important to look at all the options available and how cheaply you can get your property work complete.

To help you best decide how you should add value to your property – this infographic has 24 unique ways you can pick and choose from, and also tell you how much you’ll increase your property value by.

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