10 Ways Wallpaper Can Inspire Kids’ Creativity

When it comes to fostering creativity in children, the environment plays a crucial role. Introducing wallpaper into your kids’ rooms can be an excellent way to ignite their imaginations and provide a canvas for self-expression. Here are ten creative ways to use wallpaper to let your kids explore their artistic sides.

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Chalkboard Wallpaper

Transform a section of your child’s bedroom or playroom into a chalkboard wonderland with chalkboard wallpaper. This versatile choice allows kids to draw, write, and erase to their heart’s content, letting their ideas flow freely.

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Create a Story Wall

Use wallpaper with a storytelling theme featuring scenes from fairy tales, space adventures, or underwater worlds. Encourage your child to invent their narratives, embellish the characters, and add their twist to the storylines.

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Art Gallery Wall

Designate a portion of your child’s room as their art gallery. Hang their masterpieces on wallpaper with a neutral background to make their artwork the star of the show.

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Inspirational Quotes Wallpaper

Choose wallpaper featuring motivational quotes or phrases that resonate with your child. These quotes can be a continual reminder of positivity and empowerment, encouraging them to explore their talents and potential.

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Interactive Growth Chart

Opt for wallpaper with a growth chart design, allowing you to track your child’s height progress over the years. Let your little one decorate their growth chart with stickers, drawings, or colorful markers to make it a fun and personalized project.

Doodle Wall

For budding artists, dedicate an entire wall to doodling. Cover it with doodle-friendly wallpaper and provide washable markers or crayons. This space allows your child to endlessly create, erase, and recreate their artwork.

Animal Kingdom Wallpaper

You can select wallpaper featuring animals from around the world. This will help encourage your child to learn about different species and their habitats and create animal-themed art projects inspired by the wallpaper.

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Magnetic Wallpaper

Magnetic wallpaper adds an interactive element to your child’s room. They can attach photos, drawings, and magnetic toys to the wall, creating a dynamic and ever-changing display.

Constellation Exploration

Choose wallpaper with a starry night or constellation pattern. Spend evenings with your child identifying the constellations on the wall and sharing stories about the stars, sparking their curiosity about the universe.

Personalized Wallpaper

Design custom wallpaper that features your child’s artwork or their name in creative fonts and colors. Giving your child a sense of ownership over their space and showcasing their artistic talents.

Incorporating wallpaper into your child’s room can be a fun and imaginative way to nurture their creativity. It gives them a unique canvas to express themselves, learn, and grow. By fostering a creative environment, you’ll help your child develop their artistic skills and unleash their boundless imagination. Wallpaper can be more than just decoration; it can be a source of self-expression and inspiration for your little ones.


Eric is one of the founders of LoveVsDesign.com, which helps create unique and custom wallpaper for your home, office, kitchen, or any other room.

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