10 Indoor Fun Activities For Kids in Winter

Kids love playing all the time. Be it indoor or outdoor, they love playing so much that you can’t keep them away from games. They are so passionate about games or playing that they don’t even care or bother about the weather. But being a parent, you do. You want them to be inside the house and spend their vacations playing games when the weather outside turns harsh during the winter times.


In addition, you want them to play only those games that are perfect for the weather and that keep them engaged and busy for hours. And that’s where you turn to indoor games for winter. You know that options are endless and the only problem is choosing the best ones from the lot. If you face the same problem, then worry not as the list given below will help you out.

Your kids can try some of these indoor games during their winter break:-

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt
Nothing can keep kids as hooked for hours as a game of Treasure Hunt! So, go ahead, take the initiate and lay out rules for the game. Just hide something somewhere in the house, give some clues and let it be found out.

Board Games
Board Games are just perfect to get a quality time for kids and let them boost their thinking capabilities. As options are plenty in the category, your kids won’t mind hooking up to them and let the winter pass in as entertaining manner as desired.


Kids love to make collage, or they love cutting pictures. So, go ahead and instruct them how to be specific with the task. Give them a theme, and just sit and let them do the job.

Let your kids paint and paint for all day long. Give them pencil and paper to design something, or fetch them colours and let them show their creative side. It’d be great if they tried painting dried leaves or trees inside the house.


Kids love making bubbles and you should let them do it. All you need to do is to get them the required materials, including a plate, straw, some water and soap and let them indulge in making bubbles. You can add some fun by turning this exercise competitive. You can reward those forming long-lasting or bigger bubbles.

Puzzles are a great way to let your kids have fun and let winter pass by even without troubling in any manner. You can either buy some puzzles or get them created to match the intellect level of the kids.

Card games

Card games
Card games are perfect to make the kids sit for hours and engage in harmless fun. You can join them to double their delights.

Making Paper Airplanes
Kids love to make airplanes and you should give them some paper and just teach them once. Now sit back and let them fly the planes inside the house.

Soft hurdle jumping
You can stack your pillows and mattress in a way to create a hurdle and let your kids cross over that. Just sit back and see your kids having a great time with the hurdle.


You can get a small-size trampoline and fit it in the house to give a lot for entertainment. Let kids go on trampolining and have great fun for hours.Conclusion
It’s obvious that kids have no dearth of indoor games for winter and all they need to do is to select the best ones from the lot. If they pick the right games, they won’t ever feel like venturing out, ever, for sure!



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