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How to make him stylish without offending the man

Giving styling gifts to anyone is a bit of a sensitive issue. I equivalate it to trying to give exercise equipment to an obese woman. You have to use tact. It is not to say that you should avoid style and fashion gifts completely, but there are some dos and don’ts which you should be aware of. Never give gifts which say “you are filthy, you are a slob, or let me help you change your entire sense of style”. No gift which has this aura will be accepted. Give gifts which say “you are stylish but this will bring your style out more”. By understanding where to draw that metaphoric line in the sand, you will ensure that the gift you give to him is accepted and that it is used. Here are a few style and grooming gifts for him.

Beard Styling wax

Some guys are really attached to their beards and would not be too happy to have the suggestion from anyone to cut or trim the beard back. But the thing with most beards is the randomness of the hair. It tends to leave a very untidy and haphazard look. Beard Styling wax is one grooming gift which can show your man that you appreciate the beard and that you do not want to see it go. Beard styling wax such as Beard Balm from Rocky Mountain allows for the man to keep the beard, but also keep those straggly hairs under control. I would not recommend just giving the balm to a man. Instead couple it with perhaps a beard brush, comb, etc. Make it look luxurious and it will be more enthusiastically accepted.



Watches say a great deal about a man’s style. Depending on the material as well as the make of the watch, a person can be seen as being wealthy, frugal, sporty, arrogant, a trend setter, or technology savvy, just to name a few perceptions. Ensure that when you pick a watch for him, that you are picking one which matches the character of the man who will be wearing it. Someone that dresses in suits and ties will not appreciate a rubber wristband. On the other hand, someone who typically dresses in t-shirts and blue jeans will probably not be comfortable in wearing a high-end luxury watch. Match it accordingly.



Should you decide to purchase a wallet as a style and grooming gift for him, make sure that you buy genuine leather. Synthetic leathers tend to have a plastic and cheap look. The last thing that you want to do is have a gift which is perceived as being cheap. There are several different styles of wallet that you can choose which go beyond the standard billfold, and I would encourage anyone to seek these options as they show a bit more thought. First, you have the slim wallet. These are typically carried in a jacket pocket and have the ability to hold a few cards and some (limited) cash. They do have a higher end of leather in most cases and can add that bit of luxurious flare needed to any wardrobe. Another option, especially if you prefer to carry cash over cards, is a money clip wallet. The money clip wallet is different from the standard wallet in that the cash is on the outside and there is really no space to store the superfluous receipts and clutter. The money clip is also considered more stylish as it, again, takes the wallet out of the rump pocket and put the wallet in the jacket pocket.



With spring and summer approaching, sunglasses may be an option for styling and grooming. This is a bit of a grey area though. The fashions and trends do shift quite regularly with facial accessories. It is advised that you check to see what the latest fashions are regarding sunglasses and pair your selection based upon the person’s face, their personality, and the popular style.

Leather belts

Leather belts

While there is nothing wrong with giving someone a belt, you should ensure that it is seen as a gesture of love and not as a statement that they need to pull up their pants, that they are too fat or thin, or anything along those lines. The best way to ensure that your belt is seen as a style and grooming gift is to have a genuine leather belt with a nicely polished belt buckle. When you purchase the belt, do not forget to include leather cleaners and conditioners to maintain the shine. Belts should be picked according to the person’s waist size as well, so if you do not know the size, it is best to stay clear. You would not want to get too big or too small of a belt.

Need suggestions? Ask him

Need suggestions Ask him

Guys are pretty straight forward when it comes to finding a gift. If you do not know what you get, ask. If you give it a few weeks before you present, the odds are we will have forgotten that you inquired about the gift at all, thus he is surprised and you get the praise for having the perfect solution to the styling and grooming gift.

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