Obesity Real Time Data Statistics

When you store the amounts of fat that are visible, but still not harmful to your body, then you can be classified as “overweight”. When the amounts of that extra fat start to harm your health, then you are “obese”. Which means that you are now suffering from a serious condition that could not only directly harm you, it could also serve as a staging ground for diabetes, various heart diseases or even cancer. People would say “this is not a real problem”. Well, these people are wrong. Take a look at this page that we have made for you. You can see here that the numbers of obese people in the world are rising. Now take a look at the numbers of obesity-related deaths and realize that this is not a joke. We think that people are not well informed enough because even as this is something that could be treated and solved, it looks like that nobody cares. People all around the world (see the most obese countries chart and be surprised) are still “promoting unhealthy lifestyle”. Learn about this and make people all around you aware that this condition can be cured but if you left it alone and feed it with more fat it could also be your end.

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